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Hi and welcome to this webspace. This site has been developed to assist in promoting my services. Disc Jockey, Photobooth, and Creative Multimedia productions (websites, audio, photos and videos) are my core offerings.

I started playing in public school and DJed a dance with some other peers celebrating passing the 6th grade. That evolved into DJing many school dances, and teen dances in the community,

I spent some years before college travelling and playing records at many dance events in towns across Ontario, and once to Montreal, and Grand Rapids Michigan as well. In college I was the school pub DJ, and then moved on to DJ many bars, restaurants and nightclubs in Peterborough, Oshawa and Toronto. Soon I began to be asked to DJ more private special events such as Weddings, Dinner and Dance Banquets as well as Corporate Social Events.

I met a friend in Cuba, and my mixtapes were once played on the FM radio to locals in Havana. My mixtapes are also available online in the blog of this site.

Presently, I offer premium event DJ services as well as a Photo Booth service. I have twenty-five plus years working in Weddings, special events, bars, restaurants and nightclubs, as well as outdoor festivals and mobile dance events. With this experience, I have the ability to be flexibile and versatile for many types of events and crowds.

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