During the “down time” I’ve shifted back to my love of underground style dance party events. I’ve made a gallery of these events. Luckily, I’ve been asked to work with Psychedelic Babylon. Using VJ skills with Visuals / Projections instead of doing any DJing or playing music. I get to take it in, as well as deliver a subtle, subconscious secondary performation through light. I get to hear my favorite style of music and see some amazing DJs perform, and back them up with something on a Video screen. I follow up supporting these events with UV, RBG Lights and Moving LED heads as well as lasers, smoke and haze machines. Check out the page I’ve made of past and upcoming dance events.. highlighting events by the Psychedelic Babylon Tribe. I can be hired for your event as well. If you are having a small to mid size event, and have a guest DJ, I can possibly have everything your guest DJ needs. Just fly them in with their laptop.

Dance Party Listings and Galleries

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